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Sizing Fields with the Anchor Layout

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A form with anchor layout inside of a window.

By default, Ext.form.Panel uses an anchor layout to size form fields. If the form is resized, all anchored items are automatically resized based on the rules defined by their anchor configuration property.

The following example sizes a textfield to 50% width of its container. The textarea is sized to 100% width of its container and 100% of its container's height, minus 30 pixels - effectively enabling the textarea to grow or shrink in height depending on the size of its parent window.

Ext.create('Ext.window.Window', {
 title: 'Simple Form',
 width: 350,
 height: 200,
 layout: 'fit',
 items: [
   xtype: 'form',
   bodyPadding: 5,
   items: [
     xtype: 'textfield',
     fieldLabel: 'Full Name',
     name: 'fullname',
     anchor: '50%'
     xtype: 'textarea',
     fieldLabel: 'Description',
     name: 'description',
     anchor: '100% -30'
     xtype: 'toolbar',
     dock: 'bottom',
     layout: {pack: 'center'},
     items: [
      { xtype: 'button', text: 'Submit'} 

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