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Adding Tooltips to Charts

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Pie chart with Tooltip

The Ext.chart.Tip class provides tooltips for chart series. However, the configuration properties are actually inherited from the Ext.tip.Tooltip class.

Tooltips are essentially stylized floating panels, so you can use the Ext.panel.Panel.setTitle() and Ext.panel.Panel.update() methods to dynamically set the panel contents as illustrated by the following code snippet:


series: [{
 type: 'pie',
 angleField: 'data',
 showInLegend: true,
 highlight: {
  segment: { margin: 20 }
 tips: {
  trackMouse: true,
  width: 140,
  height: 50,
  renderer: function(storeItem, item) {
   // calculate and display percentage on hover
   var total = 0;
   store.each(function(rec) {
    total += rec.get('data');
   // change panel header
   // change panel body              
      Math.round(storeItem.get('data') / total * 100) + '%'
 label: {
  field: 'name',
  display: 'rotate',
  contrast: true,
  font: '18px Arial'
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