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Adding Chart Highlight Behaviors

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Chart highlight behaviors enables you to highlight the markers or the series when the user hovers over them with their mouse. You can simply set highlight:true as a Series configuration property or you can explicitly define the behavior using the same style properties you would apply to a Ext.draw.Sprite object.

The following highlight definition, when applied to a pie series, results in a pie segment flying out 20 pixels from the center of the chart when the user mouses over it:

Pie chart with segment highlight effect
series: [{
 type: 'pie',
 angleField: 'data',
 showInLegend: true,
 highlight: {
  segment: { margin: 20 }
 label: {
  field: 'name',
  display: 'rotate',
  contrast: true,
  font: '18px Arial'

In contrast, most developers simply use the default highlight behavior on column and bar charts that makes a subtle change to the opacity of a bar and adds a border when one is moused over:

Applying a simple highlight to a bar chart
series: [
  type: 'bar',
  axis: 'bottom',
  highlight: true,
  label: {
   display: 'insideEnd',
   field: 'data',
   renderer: Ext.util.Format.numberRenderer('0'),
   orientation: 'horizontal',
   color: '#333',
   'text-anchor': 'middle'
  xField: 'name',
  yField: 'data'
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