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Adding Chart Series

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A chart series (pie) that has a highlight effect and tool tips.

Ext.chart.series.Series is the abstract class containing the common logic to all chart series. The Series class includes methods and properties that affect chart labels, highlight effects, and the definitions for tool tips. In addition, each series type supports its own custom properties. For example, a line series has a property to configure the line type, which is not supported by the pie series.

Since all chart series inherit from the Ext.chart.series.Series class, they all support a common set of configuration properties. You will typically configure the following chart series properties:

Config Property Description
highlight Boolean/Object. If true, the markers of the series will highlight when the user hovers over them with the mouse. You can also configure the object as an Ext.draw.Sprite to apply custom styles.
label Ext.chart.Label object, as described on the previous page.
listeners Object. Enables you to define event handlers for itemmouseup, itemmousedown, and itemmousemove events that are triggered when the user interacts with a marker. Defining an itemmousedown event listener is typically used for data-drilldown scenarios.
showInLegend Boolean. If true, show the series in the chart's legend.
tips Object. Adds tooltips to the series markers.
title String. The name of the series.
type String. The type of the series. May be one of the following: 'pie','line', 'column', 'bar', 'area', 'gauge', 'radar', 'scatter'


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