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Binding Custom JavaScript Methods to XTemplates

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You can bind custom JavaScript methods to your template in order to implement functionality not directly supported by <tpl> constructs.
Custom methods are attached to the template as the final argument to the XTemplate constructor as illustrated by the following code snippet:

var tpl = Ext.create('Ext.XTemplate', 
    ', '',
  • {[this.outputName(values)]}
  • '
    ', '
', { outputName: function(data) { // insert more complex logic here return data.lName + ',' + data.fName; } } ); var markup = tpl.apply([ {fName: 'Steve', lName: 'Drucker', type: 'Developer'}, {fName: 'Jason', lName: 'Perry', type: 'Instructor'}, {fName: 'Tracey',lName: 'Dunn', type: 'Creative'}, ] );
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