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Populating a Store with Static Data

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Grids, Combo Boxes, and Charts all display data from Stores. For combo boxes which often times display static data, such as a list of states or countries, it is often convenient to simply hardcode static values into the store instead of creating an AJAX or JSON-P web service. The syntax for hardcoding data into a Store is illustrated by the following example. Note the usage of the data property.

Ext.define(', {
  extend: '',
  fields: [
	{name: 'label'},
	{name: 'value', type: 'int'}
  data: [
    {label: 'Great', value: 5},
    {label: 'Above Average', value: 4},
    {label: 'Average', value: 3},
    {label: 'Below Average', value: 2},
    {label: 'Poor', value: 1},
Page of 168
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