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Unit Summary

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  • Ext JS operates similarly to Sencha Touch. The MVC structure is the same, however, the syntax differs slightly between the platforms.
  • The Ext JS Docs include over 100 examples that demonstrate key application development techniques.
  • Ext JS apps typically have an initial view defined as a Viewport component with a Border layout.
  • Configure a model's proxy reader to support data pagination.
  • Use field mappings to access or rename specific data properties in a JSON data feed.
  • Configure Stores to handle large data volumes by setting the remoteFilter, remoteSort, and remoteGroup properties to true.
  • Combo boxes, grids, dataview, and charts are all bound to Stores.
  • When data in a store changes, store-bound views automatically refresh.
  • Controllers are used to listen to user interactions and coordinate actions between views and stores.
  • There are nine chart series that you can use to represent data.
  • The charting package is based upon a native draw package that outputs vector-based instructions using either SVG or VML, depending on the user's browser.
  • Charts support legends, axes, tooltips, highlight behaviors, and have click events that you can tie to custom functions in order to perform graphical data drill-down.
  • Over 17 different types of form elements are available, and each natively supports data validation.
  • Data can be submitted to an application server through the
  • Ext.form.BasicForm.submit() method or by transferring data from a form into a model and invoking
  • Use Sencha Cmd 3 to create a production build of your application that minimizes initial load times.
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