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Reviewing the Ext JS Examples

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Ext JS contains some very impressive examples that illustrate the power of the framework. You can access these examples http://localhost/extjs4/examples/index.html

Ext JS 4 Sample Applications

The following examples demonstrate key features of Ext JS:

Example Description
Web Desktop Illustrates the power of Ext JS by replicating the look and feel of a Windows desktop
Kitchen Sink Similar to the Sencha Touch Kitchen Sink app, it demonstrates how to instantiate basic UI components.
Keyboard Feed Viewer Demonstrates some of the accessibility features of Ext, which can be critical for governmental agencies that must produce apps that are accessible to people with disabilities.
Infinite Grid Displays a very large dataset in a grid using automatic pagination.
Multisort Dataview Uses a dataview with filters and animations to sort graphic representations of data in a store.
Layout Manager Demonstrates the Ext 4 layout managers, which are much more robust than those found in Sencha Touch.


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