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Introducing Ext JS

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Ext JS is a Javascript framework that contains many rich user-interface components that are compatible with older browsers going all the way back to Internet Explorer 6. While its development concepts, data package, and MVC framework are similar to those found in Sencha Touch, there are some key syntactical differences that can make switching between the two frameworks somewhat challenging. Also, while Sencha Touch has been optimized to run on mobile devices, Ext JS was conceived and implemented as a platform for developing applications for use in desktop browsers only.

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As you will discover from doing the exercises in this unit, Sencha Architect helps smooth out the differences between desktop and mobile development by automatically compensating for most, if not all, of the syntactic differences between Sencha's two frameworks. You will also find that Ext JS has many more rich UI components than Sencha Touch, enabling you to create even more exciting applications!

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