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Exercise 3-9: Creating a Production Build

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During this exercise you will perform the following tasks:

  • Use Sencha Cmd to create a project.
  • Migrate your Sencha Architect project into Sencha Cmd.
  • Generate a production app


During this exercise you will use Sencha Cmd to generate a production version of your app, thereby reducing initial load times by by over 80%.


Open the Project

  1. Run Sencha Architect
  2. Select File > Open Project...
  3. Select /path/to/arch101/desktop/lab/exercise9/exercise9.xds. Note that this is the solution from the prior walkthrough.
  4. Click the Settings button
  5. Click the Projects tab
  6. Review the location of the Publish path.
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Publish
Create a Sencha Cmd Project
  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Change directories to /path/to/extjs4
  3. Enter the following command:

    sencha generate app -path ../arch101/desktop/prod/exercise9a
Copy Your Published Architect Project into the Sencha Cmd Project
  1. Copy /path/to/publishedapp/app to /path/to/arch101/desktop/prod/exercise9a/, overwriting the app folder in the destination.
  2. Copy /path/to/publishedapp/app/app.js to
  3. Open your web browser to http://localhost/arch101/desktop/prod/exercise9a/index.html and test the application.

Create a Production Build

  1. Open a command prompt to /path/to/arch101/desktop/prod/exercise9
  2. Enter the following command:

    sencha app build

  3. Test the app by opening a browser to:


- End of Exercise -

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