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Licensing Google Maps

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The Google Maps Javascript API V3 now comes in three different versions, differentiated by the number of allowed Page Views per day and a maximum number of queries per second (QPS).

Google Maps for Business

Google considers a "Page View" to occur whenever an instance of the Maps Javascript API is loaded into a browser or a request is made for a static map. It is important to note that the API contains many different web services and loading those individual web services, such as the Geocoding API web service, counts against that Page View limit.

Page View Limitations for the Google Maps Javascript API V3 are as follows:

  • The Free Version - Limited to 1000 Page Views a day per individual IP address, across all services.

  • The Purchased Key Version - Users of the API can purchase an overall daily Page View quota, that is not limited by IP address.

  • Google Maps for Business API - 100,000 Page Views a day per each different service all different API services:

    • Directions API
    • Distance Matrix API
    • Elevation API
    • Geocoding API
    • Places API

Regardless of whether you use the free or paid-for versions of the API you will be limited to a maximum of 10 queries per second per API. You can purchase additional bandwidth on an as-needed basis.

Note: Fig Leaf Software is an official Google GEO Partner. Please contact if you are interested in Google Maps for Business or Google Maps Engine.

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