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Implementing Geo Features

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Plotting a point on an Ext.Map ComponentThe proliferation of mobile devices has ushered in a new breed of software -- "finder" apps that locate areas of interest, sorted by the user's proximity to them. Sencha Touch contains the following classes to assist you in building these types of apps:

Class Description
Ext.util.GeoLocation Provides a cross-browser compatibale class for retrieving the current location of the device.
Ext.Map Wraps a Google Map with an Ext.Component. Uses the Google Maps API.

While most developers use Google Maps as their core mapping framework, you should note that Sencha Touch is capable of supporting virtually any maps API that has a javascript interface. For example, the Sencha Market contains an extension for Sencha Touch that wraps the OpenLayers maps api.

Mobile mapping applications typically support the following features:

  • Conversion of a street address to a lat/lng coordinate (Geocoding)
  • Dynamically calculating the distance between two points on the globe
  • Plotting locations on a map
Page of 168
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