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Introducing Sencha Architect

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Sencha Architect is a desktop application that enables you to prototype Sencha Touch applications using a drag and drop interface. In addition, Sencha Architect automates the build and deploy processes of Sencha Cmd 3.

Sencha Architect generates exceptionally clean code that follows the Sencha Model-View-Controller framework (details covered later in this course).

As illustrated above, Sencha Architect is divided into the following segments:

  • The Main Toolbar gives you the ability to load, save, configure, and deploy projects.
  • The Toolbox enables you to add a Sencha Touch Component to your project by dragging and dropping onto either the Design Canvas or the Project Inspector.
  • The Code View / Design View toggle enables you to view the source code that Sencha Architect has created for you.
  • The Project Inspector is a registry for all of the Sencha classes that you are using within your application. You can select objects by either clicking on them in the Design Canvas or from within the Project Inspector.
  • The Design Canvas is where you can visually lay out your application.
  • The Config Panel enables you to set configuration properties for the selected class or component.
  • The Design Canvas View Control Bar enables you to inspect how your application will look in different orientations as well as zoom in/out of your application.
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