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Using the iOS Simulator

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The iOS Simulator with your project's home screen icons installedThe best simulator for iOS comes, from Apple as component of Xcode. You can toggle between different iOS devices and it even enables you to simulate pinch gestures.

Launch the simulator by opening Xcode and selecting Xcode > Open Developer Tool > iOS Simulator.

You can simulate printing from an iPad to an AirPrint-enabled printer by opening Xcode's Printer Simulator. All print requests from your app will be output as PDF files to your workstation.






The following hotkey combinations affect the simulator.

Key Combination Description
Command + Left Arrow Rotate Left
Command + Right Arrow Rotate Right
Shift + Command + Z Shake Gesture
Command + 2 Scale the display to 75%
Option (hold) Simulate pinch gesture
(only available on scaled display)
Shift + Command + H Press the home button
Command + S Take screen shot (necessary for submitting to the App store)

Note that you can also toggle the in-call status bar and the device (iPad/iPhone/iPhone4) by clicking the option on the Hardware menu.

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