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Configuring Native Packager Settings

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After configuring the Package Setup options, Sencha Architect inserts a JSON file into your project containing native build settings used by Sencha Cmd to package your application.

Some of these configuration options are iOS specific while others relate only to Android.

The packager.json file is illustrated below:

 "applicationName": "FriendsWithBeer",
 "applicationId": "com.figleaf.FriendsWithBeer",
 "versionString": "1.0",
 "versionCode": "1",
 "icon": {
   "57": "resources/icons/Icon.png",
   "72": "resources/icons/Icon~ipad.png",
   "114": "resources/icons/Icon@2x.png",
   "144": "resources/icons/Icon~ipad@2x.png"

 "inputPath": "./",
 "outputPath": "../build/",
 "configuration": "Debug",
 "platform": "iOSSimulator",

 "deviceType": "Universal",
 "androidAPILevel": "8",
 "permissions": [

  "orientations": [
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