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Configuring Architect to Produce Native Apps

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You must complete Sencha Architect's Package Setup Wizard prior to packaging your application as a native app. During this process you will perform the following:
  • Configure the Sencha Cmd 3 Path (required)
  • Install XCode (optional)
  • Set up a project with Cmd
  • Add packager settings to your project

Installing Plug-Ins

The first step of the wizard is to simply tell Sencha Architect where Sencha Cmd has been installed on your local machine. Note that while installing Xcode is optional to produce a native iOS app, its use is mandatory for uploading an app for distribution via the App Store.

Installing plugins

Configuring the Sencha Cmd 3 Path

The second step of the wizard involves setting the path to your local /touch2/ folder:

Setting the Cmd path


Adding Packager Settings to Your Project

In this step of the wizard, you will simply need to click the Add Package Settings button. After you've completed this step, a packager resource will appear in your Project Inspector.

Adding Packager Settings to your project

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