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Theming Containers and Lists

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Adding a background image to containers

Applying a background image to a container

As previously discussed in this unit, you can change the background color of your containers by setting the Sass variable $page-bg-color.

Applying a global background image to your application can also be accomplished by overriding the .x-scroll-container class at the bottom of your application's scss file:

 background: url('../images/background.png');
 background-size: cover;

Theming the List Component itemDisclosure icon

You can theme the itemDisclosure button in a List component by completing the following steps:

  1. Add a cls property to your Ext.List configuration that specifies a unique identifier:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyList', {
     extend: 'Ext.dataView.List',
     onItemDisclosure: true,
     cls: 'mylist'

  2. Add a css class selector to your scss file that refers to the list's x-list-disclosure class and overrides its webkit-mask-image setting with a base-64 encoded image as illustrated by the following code snippet:

    .mylist .x-list-disclosure {
     -webkit-mask-image: url('...') !important;

Configuring List Selection Colors

You can modify the selection color of a list item by configuring the following Sass variables:

Sass VariableDescription
$list-pressed-color The color of a list item when it is clicked and the mouse button is in a "pressed" state.
$list-active-color The color of the currently selected list item.
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