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Reviewing the Mobile App

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Figure 1. About the appFriends with Beer contains five major sections that are accessible through a Sencha Touch tab panel:

  • About
    Contains static HTML markup that introduces the app. It also has a 'Do not show again' button that removes the screen from future viewings.

  • Friends
    Displays a list of your friends in alphabetical order. You can also add, edit, and delete your contacts as well as indicate the beer that they are most likely to have on-hand. All contact data is stored locally on the device in HTML5 localstorage.

  • Figure 2. Beer Me!Beers
    Displays a list of beers, grouped by type, that were downloaded from a remote application server. Tapping on a beer displays a list of your friends who are most likely to have it in their refrigerators.

  • Beer Me!
    Randomly selects a friend, displaying their contact information, map of the traffic around their location, as well as a randomly selected excuse for you to use in order to justify a visit.

  • Drink
    No one likes to drink alone, so this feature plays a video of a group of 'virtual' friends that you can celebrate with.

You can browse the completed app on your smartphone or by using Google Chrome at the following URL:

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