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Teach Yourself Sencha Complete in a Day

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Teach Yourself Sencha Complete with Sencha Architect is a self-study course designed to introduce you to the basic concepts of building cross-browser compatible mobile and desktop apps using technologies from Sencha, Inc.

The course is designed to be followed in sequence, as nearly all of the techniques that are described in the mobile section of the course also apply to developing apps for the desktop. Solutions are provided for each exercise to help you if you get “stuck” on a particular step.

Prior to starting the class you must configure your workstation as described at the end of this unit. Using OS/X is preferred for building mobile apps, however, this courseware is also compatible with Microsoft Windows.

Over the next 8-12 hours you will build two apps:

  • Friends with Beer is a mobile app, constructed using Sencha Touch, that enables you to enter contact data, calculate a contact's geoposition, view contacts in a scrolling list and on a map, use html5 video, and access device-specific features such as phone dialing and messaging.

    You can browse the completed app using your mobile device or Google Chrome at the following url:

  • Government Spending Portal is a desktop app, constructed using Ext JS 4, that enables you to view and analyze how US taxpayer monies were allocated to state projects.

    The completed Ext JS 4 portal application

    You can browse the completed app using any browser (including IE 6) at the following url:

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