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Free Tutorials (Beta)

The following self-guided classes are a set of free online tutorials based on Fig Leaf's instructor-led curriculum. Detailed instructions and coursefiles are provided so that you can practice the exercises on your own, and then validate your results by watching a short video.

Currently there is one tutorial available:

Teach Yourself Sencha Complete in a Day
Learn Sencha Touch and Ext JS in this free online training. Approximately 16 hours of material is available!

During this self-paced course you'll learn how to build applications for both desktop and mobile browsers.

Topics include:

* An Introduction to the Sencha Class System
* Using Sencha Architect
* Implementing Views with complex layouts
* Using Controllers to handle interactions
* Defining Models to retrieve data from a web service
* Creating Data Entry Forms
* Visualizing data with Charts
* Theming
* Creating a production build