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Presto for Developers

Presto for Developers teaches you how to create mashup-based mobile and desktop applications from XML sources that sit behind and in front of your organization's firewall. You will learn how to manipulate data using the Enterprise Mashup Markup Language (EMML), extend Presto Wires with custom blocks, and create custom views and apps using HTML5 and JavaScript. This course also discusses administrative issues such as server configuration and developing in a team-based environment.

We suggest that you attend our Fast Track to Presto for Power Users class prior to taking this course. Registrations will close 2 weeks prior to the start of class.

Duration: 3 days

Price: 1795.00
Online Price: 1795.00

Course Prerequisites

  • General use and knowledge of computing
  • Web browser usage
  • Familiarity with spreadsheets
  • A familiarity with relational databaes, sql, and spreadsheet macros are a plus but not required

Course Outline

Unit 0: Introducing the Course

  • Introductions
  • Meeting the Prerequisites
  • Understanding the Course Content
  • Reviewing the Course Outline

Unit 1: Introducing Presto 3.2

  • Introducing Presto 3.2
  • Understanding the Presto Platform
    • Working with Presto Artifacts
    • Defining Mashables
    • Defining Mashups
    • Defining Apps and Workspaces
    • Deploying to Presto Mobile

Unit 2: Creating Mashables

  • Working with Information Sources as Mashables
  • Registering RSS, XML, and ATOM Mashables
  • Registering WSDL-based web services
  • Registering RESTful web services
  • Registering Database Tables and Views

Unit 3: Creating Advanced Mashups in Presto Wires

  • Introducing Presto Wires
  • Dynamically constructing URL's for Direct Invocation
  • Dynamically constructing SQL
  • Using the Mapper and Uploading Schemas
  • Looping through Data
  • Using the Document and Transform blocks
  • Conditionally executing blocks

Unit 4: Creating Mashups with EMML

  • Understanding EMML feature and capabilities
  • Using the Mashup Editor
  • Introducing Mashup Studio
  • Creating a Mashup Script
    • Declaring Variables
    • Invoking Services
    • Issuing SQL Statements
    • Using DirectInvoke
  • Testing and Debugging with Mashup Studio
  • Transforming Mashup Results
    • Transforming Intermediate Results
    • Using XPath
    • Combining Results
    • Constructing Results
  • Controlling Process Flow
  • Creating and Using Macros

Unit 5: Extending Presto Wires

  • Creating Custom Wires Blocks with EMML Macros
  • Using Java or Groovy in EMML Macros

Unit 6: Creating and Publishing Apps

  • Reviewing Basic Apps and Workspaces
  • Publishing Apps
    • Publishing to AppDepot
    • Publishing to Mobile Devices
    • Publishing to SharePoint
    • Publishing to Portals
    • Embedding in Web Pages and Other Hosts

Unit 7: Using Presto APIs

  • Introducing Presto APIs
  • Invoking the Presto REST API
  • Using Presto Connect for JavaScript
  • Using the DataTable API
  • Using Presto Connect for Java

Unit 8: Developing Custom Apps and Views

  • Introducing Presto App Editor
  • Using the Presto App API
  • Creating a Simple Custom App with HTML & CSS
  • Working with App Properties
  • Creating App Interactions
  • Theming your App with Custom Styles
  • Extending Basic App Functionality
  • Creating Custom Apps with an External Tool
  • Debugging Custom Apps
  • Creating Custom Views with Template View

Unit 9: Applying Security and Governance

  • Configuring the Presto Respository
  • Configuring Presto Authentication
    • SSL
    • SSO (SiteMinder)
    • SSO (Sharepoint)
  • Configuring User Authorization
  • Configuring Security Profiles for Mashables

Unit 10: Developing in a Team

  • Setting up mashup/App projects in a local environment with source control
  • Testing locally
  • Publishing source-controlled artifacts to Presto

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