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Fast Track to Presto for Power Users

Get the skills needed to help your organization achieve better decisions in less time. JackBe and Fig Leaf Software have teamed to offer our enterprise clients and channel partners the leading Real-Time Business Intelligence curriculum. This introductory course includes hands-on exercises that explain how Power Users can quickly build and share secure decision-support dashboards and next-generation Apps that leverage your live data.

Registrations will close 2 weeks prior to the start of class.

Duration: 2 days

Price: 995.00
GSA Price: 952.41
Online Price: 1095.00

Course Prerequisites

  • General use and knowledge of computing
  • Web browser usage
  • Familiarity with spreadsheets
  • A familiarity with relational databaes, sql, and spreadsheet macros are a plus but not required

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to use the Presto Real-Time Intelligence Platform in the role of a Power User
  • Understand the components of Presto
  • Follow the Presto Real-Time Intelligence Lifecycle
    • Identify information sources and register those sources as 'mashables'
    • Use mashables to create mashups
    • Use mashables and mashups to create Apps
    • Create Dashboards from interconnected Apps
    • Share Apps through the Presto App Store

Course Outline

Unit 0: Introducing the Course

  • Introductions
  • Meeting the Prerequisites
  • Understanding the Course Content
  • Reviewing the Course Outline

Unit 1: Introducing Presto 3.1

  • Introducing Presto 3.1
  • Understanding the Presto Platform
    • Working with Presto Artifacts
    • Defining Mashables
    • Defining Mashups
    • Defining Apps
  • Understanding Presto's Core Components
    • Understanding Types of Presto Users
    • Introducing the Presto Hub
    • Introducing Mashboard
    • Introducing Wires
    • Introducing the App Store
    • Understanding the Artifact Lifecycle

Unit 2: Using Mashables in the Presto Hub

  • Using Mashables in the Presto Hub
  • Finding and Running Mashables
  • Collaborating with Mashables

Unit 3: Registering Mashables

  • Working with Information Sources as Mashables
  • Registering Mashables
  • Registering RSS/Atom Feeds
  • Adding Mashable Views
  • Managing Mashables
  • Working with Mashable Snapshots
  • Registering CSV Files
  • Using WSDL Mashables
  • Using REST Mashables
  • Registering XML Files
  • Registering Database Tables and Views
  • Working with Microsoft Excel as an Information Source
  • Working with Sharepoint as an Information Source

Unit 4: Creating Mashups in Presto Wires

  • Introducing Presto Wires
  • Using the Data Decorator Block
  • Combining Mashables with the Merge and Join Blocks
  • Filtering data with the Filter block
  • Adding Flexibility with the Input block
  • Retrieving Info from Web Sites using DirectInvoke
  • Extracting Data Values from Documents
  • Sorting your Results
  • Gathering Statistics with the Group Block
  • Transforming your Data using the Transformer Block
  • Using the Stringbuilder Block
  • Using Sharepoint Blocks
  • Installing Presto Wires Extensions

Unit 5: Creating Views and Apps

  • Adding Views to Mashables and Mashups
  • Defining Tabular Views
  • Creating Chart Views
  • Using Area, Line, Bar, and Column Charts
  • Using Pie and Doughnut Charts
  • Using Special Purpose Charts
  • Creating Guages
  • Using Map Views
  • Creating and Running Apps

Unit 6: Building Workspace Apps in Presto Mashboard

  • Introducing Workspace Apps
  • Introducing Presto Mashboard
  • Linking in External Resources

Unit 7: Using the Presto App Store

  • Using the Presto AppStore
  • Publishing Apps to the AppStore

Fig Leaf has provided training in the following cities:

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DenverDes MoinesDetroitDubaiEdmontonGeneva
HoustonIndianapolisJacksonvilleLas VegasLondonLos Angeles
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