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Fast Track to jQuery

From adding cool effects to your web pages to creating scalable enterprise applications, this comprehensive course developed by Fig Leaf Software has got you covered.

Duration: 3 days

Price: 1095.00
GSA Price: 477.63
Online Price: 1245.00

Course Prerequisites

This course is for experienced web developers and code-savvy designers seeking thorough, hands-on training in the jQuery framework for JavaScript. Prospective students should have the following skillsets:

  • Direct-editing experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • A desire learn to code jQuery without depending on a proprietary IDE.

Course Outline

  1. Introducing the Course
  2. Reviewing core JavaScript concepts and best practices
    1. Organizing and accessing your files
      1. Implementing a basic file structure
      2. Choosing a text editor
      3. Surveying available developer tools and debuggers
    2. Reviewing JavaScript fundamentals
      1. Reviewing variable type and scope
      2. Understanding prototype vs. class-based objects
        1. Inline objects
        2. Constructor functions
      3. Reviewing loops and conditions
      4. Reviewing functions, arguments, and the this keyword
  3. Introducing jQuery
    1. Comparing jQuery and the alternatives
      1. Understanding progressive enhancement
        1. Structure
        2. Presentation
        3. Behavior
      2. jQuery vs. JavaScript
      3. jQuery vs. other JavaScript frameworks
    2. Deploying jQuery
      1. Understanding jQuery versions
        1. Production
        2. Development
        3. CDN
      2. Considering jQuery deployment and versioning
    3. Learning jQuery Fundamentals
      1. Accessing jQuery on the page
      2. Using $(document).ready
      3. Adding and removing a CSS style
      4. Adding a basic event handler
      5. Accessing and modifying selected elements
    4. Introducing core terminology
  4. Locating objects with selectors
    1. Introducing the page query paradigm
    2. Selecting page elements using jQuery
    3. Adding precision to page queries
    4. Accessing selected data
  5. Dynamically changing object attributes
    1. Reviewing node-based access
    2. Modifying HTML attributes
    3. Interacting with the content of an element
  6. Making Background Data Requests
    1. Introducing jQuery remote access
    2. Loading remote content into the Page
    3. Loading remote data into a page
    4. Survey related remote-access methods
  7. Changing page content without a page reload
    1. Adding, moving, removing, cloning, and replacing elements
    2. Inserting and replacing elements
    3. Creating new elements
    4. Wrapping and copying elements
    5. Hiding and deleting elements
  8. Dynamically updating CSS styles
    1. Reviewing core CSS concepts
    2. Modifying CSS
  9. Binding functions to events
    1. Understanding event driven development
    2. Writing inline event handlers
    3. Assigning sets of related handlers
    4. Using runtime event information
    5. Controlling events and their behaviors
  10. Working with the jQuery UI Library
    1. Understanding jQuery UI vs. basic jQuery
    2. Enhancing interactivity with jQuery Interactions
    3. Enhancing the user experience with jQuery Widgets
  11. Working with Form-Based Input
    1. Accessing form-based data
    2. Using jQuery plugins for form validation
    3. Augmenting user feedback with jQuery Effects
  12. Using jQuery Animations and Effects
    1. Introducing visual effects
    2. Interacting with an element's size and position
    3. Adding basic visual effects
    4. Creating custom visual effects
    5. Controlling visual effects
  13. Creating jQuery Plugins
    1. Introducing jQuery Extensibility
    2. Developing a basic plugin
    3. Exploring jQuery plugin design patterns
    4. Surveying available plugins

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