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Fast Track to jQuery Mobile

Learn how to create, test, and package native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and other devices using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Mobile, and the Cordova API. This course was authored by Fig Leaf Software.

Duration: 3 days

Price: 1495.00
Online Price: 1495.00

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of jQuery and/or Javascript

Course Objectives

  • Understand the challenges of mobile web app development
  • Make interactive data requests to an app server
  • Create a data search / drill-down interface
  • Create an app that performs create, read, update, and delete operations
  • Develop a mobile app using web standards
  • Compile a mobile web app to a native app for iOS and Android

Course Outline

  1. Introducing the Course
    • About the Course Format
    • Reviewing the Course Objectives
    • Reviewing the Course Format
    • Reviewing the Class Project
    • Installing the Courseware
  2. Getting Started
    • Introducing the IDE - Intel XDK New
    • Debugging your Apps
    • Getting Help
  3. Implementing Page Layout and Navigation
    • Defining Pages with jQuery Mobile
    • Navingating between "pages" in your App
    • Adding page transitions
    • Working with Navigation Bars
    • Working with Buttons
    • Adding Text and Images
    • Formatting Text with Styles
  4. Working with Data
    • Making External Data Requests with AJAX, JSON-P
    • Implementing CORS
    • Outputting data to the the ListView
    • Caching Data in a Local Database
    • Importing Contacts from the Contacts List
  5. Creating Input Forms
    • Defining Forms
    • Working with form fields
    • Setting focus and placeholder text
    • Capturing email addresses and phone numbers
    • Dynamically populating Select menus
    • Validating form input
    • Persising form data
    • Setting form field values programatically
    • Posting data to an App Server
    • Saving data into a local database
  6. Adding GEO Features
    • Getting Started with Google Maps
    • Deploying a Simple Map
    • Programatically Geocoding Addresses
    • Adding Overlays and Map Markers
    • Calculating distance to targets
  7. Using Device Features
    • Getting the device's current position
    • Launching exernal email, phone dialer, and navigation apps
    • Implementing a "shake" gesture with the accelerometer
    • Handling Push Notifications
  8. Integrating Multimedia
    • Playing Audio and Video
    • Playing Video from Vimeo
    • Playing Video from YouTube
  9. Theming your App
    • CSS3 Fundamentals for Mobile Devices
    • Enhancing Fonts and Typography
    • Enhancing Backgrounds
    • Using ThemeRoller to format your JQM widgets
  10. Going Into Production
    • Creating a production web build
    • Creating a native app production build for Android
    • Creating a native app production build for iOS
    • Creating a native production build for Windows Mobile

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