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Using Adobe Presenter 11

In this instructor-led training, students will learn how to create Adobe Presenter presentations, and will cover topics including recording and editing slide narration; publishing locally, to PDF, and to the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Server; adding quizzes, animations, links, files, Flash content, and importing and recording audio and video to a presentation; managing presentations; and customizing presentations. The course includes content which teaches students how to create and manage training courses, virtual classrooms, training curriculums, and events. The course also includes optional content for recording a demonstration and interactive simulation using the Adobe Captivate application. This course is 2 days in length.

Duration: 2 days

Price: 695.00
GSA Price: 665.20
Online Price: Not Available

Course Prerequisites

  • Casual Familiarity with Microsoft Powerpoint

Course Objectives

  • Create an online multimedia presentation with narration and interactivity
  • Manage content on an Adobe Connect Pro server

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introducing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Applications

  • Introducing Adobe Connect Pro Applications
  • Introducing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting
  • Introducing Adobe Presenter
  • Navigating an Adobe Presentation
  • Introducing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Training
  • Introducing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Events
  • Introducing the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Central

Unit 2: Adding Audio

  • Installing Adobe Presenter
  • Recording Slide Narration
  • Editing Audio
  • Importing Audio
  • Adding PowerPoint Animations
  • Synchronizing Audio and Animations
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Recording Audio

Unit 3: Publishing an Adobe Presentation

  • Publishing Presentations
  • Setting Presentation Properties
  • Packaging a Presentation for Distribution
  • Publishing a Presentation to an Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Publishing to the Adobe Connect Pro Server  
  • Updating an Adobe Presentation on the Server

Unit 4: Customizing Adobe Presentations

  • Setting Slide Navigation Settings
  • Adding Presenter Information
  • Changing the Presentation Theme
  • Creating a Custom Theme
  • Attaching Files
  • Adding PowerPoint Links

Unit 5: Adding Flash Content and Video

  • Embedding Flash Content
  • Enabling Complete Playback of Non-Interactive Flash SWF Files
  • Controlling Flash Content with the Presentation Control Bar
  • Enabling Sufficient Slide Time for Interactive Flash SWF Files
  • Importing Video to a Slide or a Slide Bar
  • Record Video for Placement into a Slide or Slide Side Bar
  • Editing a Video

Unit 6: Adding Quizzes

  • Adding Quiz Questions
  • Adding Quiz Question Groups
  • Importing Quizzes and Questions
  • Setting Quiz Navigation Properties
  • Customizing the Appearance of Quiz Slides
  • Customizing Feedback Messages
  • Scoring and Reporting Quiz Results
  • Adding Audio to Quiz Slides
  • Reviewing Tips and Tricks

Unit 7: Managing the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Content Library

  • Understanding the Structure of the Content Library
  • Managing and Organizing Content
  • Viewing and Editing Presentation Information
  • Downloading Presentations
  • Searching for Presentations
  • Uploading Content to the Content Library
  • Viewing Content Reports

Unit 8: Creating an Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Training Course

  • Introducing Adobe Connect Training
  • Creating a New Course
  • Viewing Course Reports

Unit 9: Creating and Managing Virtual Classrooms

  • Understanding Virtual Classrooms
  • Creating a Virtual Classroom
  • Managing and Running a Virtual Classroom

Unit 10: Creating an Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Training Curriculum

  • Understanding Training Curriculum
  • Creating a Training Curriculum
  • Adding External Training Items to a Curriculum
  • Organizing Curriculum Items into Folders
  • Assigning Learning Object Dependencies
  • Setting Up Curriculum Enrollment
  • Viewing Curriculum Reports
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Creating Training Curriculum

Unit 11: Creating and Managing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Events

  • Introducing Adobe Connect Events
  • Performing Pre-Event Tasks
  • Creating a New Connect Event
  • Performing In-Event Tasks
  • Performing Post-Event Tasks
  • Managing Connect Events
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Creating Events

Unit 12: Introducing Adobe Captivate

  • Introducing Adobe Captivate
  • Previewing a Sample Project
  • Exploring Adobe Captivate’s Working Environment

Unit 13: Recording a Project

  • Understanding the Workflow Process
  • Recording an Application Demonstration
  • Previewing and Saving a Demonstration
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Recording Projects
  • Working with Text Captions
  • Recording Audio for an Existing Project
  • Importing Audio Files
  • Publishing Your Project
  • Inserting Buttons

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