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Captivate 6 Fundamentals

Captivate 6 Fundamentals provides students with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to develop and build software demonstrations and interactive simulations with Captivate. In addition to learning key concepts, students also learn best practices for creating and publishing Captivate projects. This course is 2 days in length.

Duration: 2 days

Price: 795.00
GSA Price: 760.91
Online Price: Not Available

Course Prerequisites

This course is for beginning and intermediate Captivate users who want to create software demonstrations and interactive simulations. Captivate appeals to a wide variety of audiences, typically grouped in training and education, sales and marketing, or technical support and documentation.

Course Objectives

  • Create interactive demonstrations and simulations
  • Easily Modify and Enhance Presentations
  • Add animations and Flash video to a presentation

Course Outline

Unit 1: About This Book

  • About the Author
  • About IconLogic Books
  • Book Conventions
  • Confidence Check
  • System Requirements
  • Data files
    • Download the Mac Data Files
    • Download the PC Data Files
  • Need More Books?

Unit 2: eLearning and Captivate

  • Education Through Pictures
  • Planning eLearning Projects
  • The Captivate Interface
    • Explore a Project
  • Workspaces
    • Explore the Default Workspaces
    • Modify and Reset a Workspace
    • Create a Workspace
    • Navigate a Project
  • Previewing
    • Preview a Project
    • Zoom Closer to a Slide

Unit 3: Recording Demos and Sims

  • Resolution and Recording Size
  • The Development Process
  • Preparing to Record
    • Rehearse a Script
    • Edit Recording Settings
    • Set Recording Keys
  • Access for Assistive Devices
    • Enable Access for Assistive Devices
  • Demonstrations
    • Record a Demonstration
  • Assessment Simulations
    • Record an Assessment
  • Training Simulations
    • Record a Training Simulation
  • Custom Recordings
    • Record a Custom Simulation

Unit 4: Captions, Styles and Timing

  • Text Captions
    • Duplicate a Slide and Hide the Mouse
    • Insert, Resize and Move Text Captions
    • Modify Text Caption Properties
  • Caption Styles
    • Edit the Default Caption Style
    • Reset an Object Style
    • Change an Object's Position and Style
  • The Timeline
    • View the Timeline
    • Change a Slide's Display Time
    • Use the Timeline to Set Object Display Times
    • Show/Hide Timeline Objects
    • Use the Properties Panel to Control Timing
    • Set Mouse Properties
    • Check Spelling
    • Align Slide Objects

Unit 5: Images and Drawing Objects

  • Slide Quality
    • Change Slide Background Quality
  • Blank Slides
    • Insert and Delete Slides
  • Images
    • Insert an Image
    • Set Image Size and Slide Position
  • The Library
    • Use the Library
    • Manage Unused Project Assets
  • Image Editing
    • Crop an Image
    • Create an Image Watermark
    • Control Image Timing and Transition
    • Work With Image Stacks
  • Mouse Visuals and Sounds
    • Add a Visual Click and Sound
  • Drawing Objects
    • Draw a Line

Unit 6: Pointers, Buttons, and Highlight Boxes

  • Pointer Paths and Types
    • Modify the Mouse Pointer
  • Buttons
    • Edit Slide and Object Display Times
    • Insert a Text Button
    • Set a Button's Timing and Options
    • Work with Image Buttons
  • Highlight Boxes
    • Insert and Format a Highlight Box

Unit 7: Rollovers and Zoom Areas

  • Rollover Captions
    • Insert a Rollover Caption
  • Rollover Images
    • Insert a Rollover Image
  • Zoom Areas
    • Insert a Zoom Area
  • Rollover Slidelets
    • Insert and Format a Rollover Slidelet
    • Format the Slidelet
    • Add a Caption and Image to a Slidelet

Unit 8: Audio

  • Importing Audio Files
    • Add Audio to a Slide Object
    • Add Background Audio
  • Slide Notes
    • Add a Slide Note
  • Recording Audio
    • Calibrate a Microphone
    • Record a Narration
    • Import Voice Narrations
    • Edit an Audio File
  • Silence
    • Insert Silence
  • Text to Speech
    • Convert Text-to-Speech

Unit 9: Flash Video, Animation and Effects

  • Flash Video
    • Insert Flash Video
    • Set Flash Properties
  • Animation
    • Add Animation to a Slide
  • Text Animation
    • Insert Text Animation
  • Object Effects
    • Apply a Fly-In Effect to a Text Caption
    • Apply a ZigZag Motion Path

Unit 10: Converting Demonstrations into Simulations

Unit 11: Working with Powerpoint

Unit 12: Introduction to Question Slides

  • Quiz Setup
    • Edit Quizzing Object Styles
    • Set the Quiz Preferences
  • Add Question Slides
    • Insert Question Slides
    • Format a Question Slide
    • Add an Image to a Question Slide
    • Paste as Background

Unit 13: Publishing

  • URL Actions
    • Link to a Web Site
  • Skins
    • Apply a Skin
    • Edit and Save a Skin
    • Delete a Skin
  • Table of Contents
    • Create a TOC
  • Preloaders
    • Add a Loading Screen
  • Publishing
    • Publish a Flash (SWF)
    • Publish Word Handouts
  • Round Tripping
    • Export Captions
    • Perform a "Round Trip"
  • Want to Learn More About Adobe Captivate?

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