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Administering Macromedia Contribute

The Administering Adobe Contribute 4 course is designed to help you learn how to configure Adobe Contribute so that you can deploy websites, create and distribute site connections for users, and manage the website’s settings and user permissions. The course is task-based, with students learning by doing. Along with covering the administering tasks of Contribute 4 the course focuses on best practices.

Duration: 1 days

Price: 395.00
GSA Price: 378.06
Online Price: Not Available

Course Prerequisites

To gain the most from this class, you should already:

  • Have experience using Contribute to maintain websites or have completed the Using Adobe Contribute 4 courseware.
  • Have experience building and maintaining websites using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3.
  • Be familiar with the set-up and administration of websites and web servers.
  • Have experience setting up users, groups, and permissions.
  • Be familiar with web pages technologies, such as HTML and CSS.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Establish a connection to a website in Adobe Contribute.
  • Become an Administrator.
  • Configure sitewide settings.
  • Set web server properties.
  • Enable file rollback.
  • Maintain users, groups, and roles.
  • Specify a group’s file and folder access levels.
  • Export connection keys.
  • Enable Publishing Services.
  • Set up a User Directory for Contributor authentication. Administer new page and styling settings.
  • Administer template options.
  • Filter styles and hide unwanted CSS styles.
  • Enable the use of shared site assets.
  • Use Dreamweaver library items.
  • Set image options.
  • Enable accessibility for the creation of website pages. Enable screen reader support.
  • Describe website security and deployment.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introducing Administering Adobe Contribute 4

  • Describe the course format.
  • Describe the course objectives and topics.
  • List the course prerequisites.
  • Describe the Contribute user and administrative features.
  • Describe the Contribute roles and responsibilities.

Unit 2: Connecting with Contribute 4

  • Plan a website connection.
  • Describe the connection strategies.
  • Use the Connection Wizard.
  • Change Contribute preferences.
  • Become an Administrator.
  • Adjust sitewide settings.
  • Set web server properties.
  • Enable rollbacks.

Unit 3: Managing Users and Permissions

  • Describe user management.
  • Design an approval system.
  • Create and edit user roles.
  • Create a connection key.
  • Distribute a connection key to users.

Unit 4: Using Contribute Publishing Services

  • Describe the Contribute Publishing Services.
  • Administer Contribute Publishing Services.
  • Use the Contribute Publishing Services.
  • Specify a user directory.
  • Use the approval process.

Unit 5: Setting New Page and Styling Options

  • Administer new page settings.
  • Control the location of saved pages.
  • Administer template options.
  • Enable external page source editor.
  • Administer styling settings and create a style filter.
  • Access page properties.
  • Describe best practices for using styles.
  • Use design-time style sheets.

Unit 6: Managing Site Assets

  • Describe shared asset types.
  • Insert shared assets.
  • Set image options.
  • Enable accessibility.
  • Set accessibility options.

Unit 7: Deploying and Maintaining Contribute Managed Sites

  • Describe deployment issues.
  • Complete deployment tasks.
  • Restrict access to administrative folders.
  • Use the CPS logging features.
  • Use the CPS notification features.
  • Remove Contribute and CPS administration from a site.

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