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About Fig Leaf Software Training

Why Choose Fig Leaf Training?

Since January 1998, instructors at Fig Leaf Training, a division of Fig Leaf Software, have been using their real-world development expertise to provide uniquely valuable insights into software design and development. Throughout its ten year history, we have won numerous awards for our training courses as well as our work in consulting and product sales.

An Integrated Services Company

Fig Leaf Software is not just a training company. In fact, our revenue streams are roughly equivalent between our three lines of business -- consulting services, product sales/support, and training. This provides our organization with the knowledge and abilities to support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your projects -- from software acquisition to development, and continuing support.

Adobe / Google / WebSense/ Paperthin / JackBe Certified Partners

Fig Leaf Software has a special relationship with Adobe. Did you know that Fig Leaf Software developed the Advanced ColdFusion 8 courseware for Adobe? We also wrote Adobe's Fast Track to SQL, Spectra for Developers, and Fast Track to JavaScript courseware. Other courses that our instructors have developed for our vendors and partners include CommonSpot for Content Contributors and CommonSpot for Developers for Paperthin, Inc. Our close working relationship with the software manufacturers gives our instructors unique access to software betas and product engineers, enabling us to provide guidance on both current and future product releases. We are currently working with JackBe, Inc. to develop their training curriculum. We were also the very first Google certified partner. Our instructors have implemented over 100 Google Search Appliances and helped Google develop their Google Mini courseware!

Unparalleled Expertise and Community Support

Our instructors are all seasoned developers leveraging years of practical experience in the classroom. Many have written books, contributed to periodicals, listservs, other community resources, and have developed training materials around their chosen areas of expertise. All have successfully passed a rigorous  certification processes. All of our instructors also hold the rigorous CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) certification. Three of our instructors -- Dave Gallerizzo, Dave Watts, and Steve Drucker also hold the title of "Adobe Master Instructor." Earning this prestigious honor enables them to train and certify other instructor candidates. We also sponsor a local Adobe developer group - and our software development blog at

We develop unique courseware

At Fig Leaf we supplement vendor's official materials with our own custom courses. We developed Fast Track to AJAX based on our years of development expertise writing AJAX-style applications. We also wrote Fast Track to Dreamweaver and Flash ActionScript 3. All of these courses illustrate best practices and real-life examples. We also built courseware around Moving to ColdFusion 8 and our Dreamweaver CS4 CSS Refresher

Flexible Delivery Options

Online Classes

Many of Fig Leaf's courses are now available in an instructor-led, online format. Instead of dealing with the hassle of traveling to one of our training centers you can get virtually the same experience from the convenience of your home or office!

Public Classes

Fig Leaf offers hands-on, instructor-led classes in a number of locations across the continental United States using the latest technology. Our Washington DC headquarters location, for instance, equips each student with a server-class workstation, flat-panel high resolution monitor, and ergonomic Nova desk/chair.  Group discounts are available when registering six or more students.

Private Classes

Want to get your entire team trained? Fig Leaf Software provides on-site, hands-on technical training that can be customized specifically for your organization's technical challenges.

Customized Distance Learning and Support

Can't afford the cost of a private or public class? Can't get away from the office for an extended period? Fig Leaf can help you reduce your training costs by delivering instructor-led training remotely through web conferencing software. Get trained without having to leave your home or office! Fig Leaf also uses this mechanism to provide highly individualized training covering topics of your choosing on an hourly basis at affordable rates.

Fig Leaf is on GSA Schedule

Fig Leaf is pleased to report that we are now on the Government Services Administration (GSA) schedule. Taking training with us has never been easier.

"We've got you covered"

We take our motto very seriously at Fig Leaf. Not only do we guarantee that you will benefit from our courses in the form of increased productivity (and, hopefully, salary), but our user groups, student listservs, and paid-technical support options ensures that you will be able to meet any technical challenge. Help us help you by registering for one of our courses today.


Steve Drucker
Founder / President
Fig Leaf Software