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Fast Track to Adobe Premiere CS5.5

Fast Track to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 is an introductory course for those who are currently or wish to be in the video editing field, or for Adobe users wishing to expand their skills in video. This course covers the essentials of editing digital video using Adobe Premiere CS5 including techniques to help you become more productive with its features including new multicam editing tools, auto-creation of menu-based DVDs from the timeline, and Native HD, SD and HDV support. Students will learn how to work with audio, create transitions and titles, manipulate subclips and virtual clips, and more. After taking this class students will be able to create visual effects for use in web video and podcasts, broadcast television, and even film.

Duration: 2 days

Price: 895.00
GSA Price: 856.63
Online Price: 995.00

Course Prerequisites

To successfully complete this course, students should know how to:

  • Use the mouse, standard menus and commands
  • Open, save and close files

Course Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Capture media for use in Premiere
  • Combine video, audio, and still images together in the timeline
  • Sequence media clips appropriately for their needs
  • Edit a sequence
  • Add titles, transitions, and effects to a sequence
  • Integrate Premiere elements with other applications
  • Create reviewable PDFs containing rendered sequences
  • Export videos using appropriate options and compression settings

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Touring Premiere Pro

  • Lesson overview
  • Introduction
  • Video editing: Then and now
  • Premiere Pro: A nonlinear editor
  • Enhancing the workflow with high-level features
  • Incorporating the Adobe Creative Suite Production Studio into the workflow
  • Touring the Premiere Pro workspace
  • Customizing the workspace
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 2: Taking a Quick Run-through of Premiere Pro

  • Lesson overview
  • Introduction
  • Placing clips on a sequence
  • Arranging and trimming clips
  • Adding a transition
  • Applying a video effect
  • Editing a Photoshop layered graphic
  • Compositing graphics using a nested sequence
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 3: Shooting and Capturing Great Video Assets

  • Lesson overview
  • Introduction
  • Twenty tips for shooting great video
  • Capturing video
  • Capturing an entire tape
  • Using batch capture and scene detection
  • Tackling manual analog movie capture
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 4: Selecting Settings, Adjusting Preferences and Managing Assets

  • Lesson overview
  • Introduction
  • Selecting project settings
  • Adjusting user preferences
  • Importing assets
  • Image and graphics issues
  • Managing media in the Project panel
  • Working with assets in Adobe Bridge
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 5: Creating Cuts-only Videos

  • Lesson overview
  • Using a storyboard to build a rough cut
  • Editing clips on the Timeline
  • Moving clips to, from and within the Timeline
  • Working with Source Monitor editing tools
  • Adjusting clips in the Trim panel
  • Using other editing tools
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 6: Adding Video Transitions

  • Lesson overview
  • Using transitions with restraint
  • Trying some transitions
  • Changing parameters in the Effect Controls panel
  • Using the A/B mode to fine-tune a transition
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 7: Creating Dynamic Titles

  • Lesson overview
  • Strengthen your project with supers
  • Changing text parameters
  • Building text from scratch
  • Putting text on a path
  • Creating shapes
  • Making text roll and crawl
  • Deconstructing effects: Sheens, Strokes, Shadows and Fill
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 8: Applying Specialized Editing Tools

  • Lesson overview
  • Using five timesaving editing tools
  • Adding a TV news-style cutaway
  • Using graphics with two transitions
  • Switching a four-camera production
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 9: Adding Video Effects

  • Lesson overview
  • Sampling some basic video effects
  • Manipulating keyframes and effect parameters
  • Adding keyframe interpolation and velocity
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 10: Putting Clips in Motion

  • Lesson overview
  • Applying the Motion effect to clips
  • Changing clip size and adding rotation
  • Working with keyframe interpolation
  • Putting pictures-in-a-picture
  • Enhancing motion with shadows and beveled edges
  • Other motion effects: Transform, Basic D, and Camera View
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 11: Acquiring and Editing Audio

  • Lesson overview
  • Selecting the right mic for the job
  • Connecting mics to your camcorder or PC
  • Setting up a basic voice-recording area
  • Voicing professional narrations
  • Premiere Pro:A high-quality aural experience
  • Examining audio characteristics
  • Adjusting audio volume
  • Adding J-cuts and L-cuts
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 12: Sweetening Your Sound and Mixing Audio

  • Lesson overview
  • Sweetening sound with audio effects
  • Trying out stereo and surround sound effects
  • Working with the Audio Mixer
  • Outputting tracks to submixes
  • Recording voice-overs
  • Creating a surround sound mix
  • Moving up to professional editing with Adobe Audition
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 13: Compositing Techniques

  • Lesson overview
  • Making compositing part of your projects
  • Working with the Opacity effect
  • Two multiple track video effects: Blend and Texturize
  • Working with alpha channel transparencies
  • Applying chroma, color and luminance keying effects
  • Using matte keys
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 14: Enhancing Color, Editing Tips, & Shortcuts

  • Lesson overview
  • An overview of color-oriented effects
  • Adjusting and enhancing color
  • Using nested sequences
  • Three quick editing techniques
  • Recommended keyboard shortcuts
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 15: Project Management

  • Lesson overview
  • Project Menu overview
  • Using the Project Manager
  • Conducting a Clip Notes review
  • High definition video and film features
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 16: Using Photoshop and After Effects to Enhance Your DV Project

  • Lesson overview
  • Introducing Photoshop CS
  • Demonstrating some Photoshop CS basics
  • Photoshop tips for DV productions
  • Editing Encore DVD menus in Photoshop
  • Introducing After Effects
  • Trying out text animation with After Effects
  • Using effects and Motion Tracker
  • Review questions and answers

Lesson 17: Exporting Frames, Clips and Sequences

  • Lesson overview
  • Export options
  • Recording to videotape
  • Exporting a single frame
  • Creating standard movie, image sequence and audio files
  • Using the Adobe Media Encoder
  • Working with edit decision lists
  • Exporting to DVD
  • Review questions and answers

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