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Fast Track to Javascript

Fast Track to JavaScript is a 2-day course that provides experienced Web application developers with the fundamentals of the JavaScript programming language and interfacing with application servers.

Duration: 2 days

Price: 995.00
GSA Price: 952.41
Online Price: 1095.00

Course Prerequisites

To gain the most from this class you should have:

  • Experience with the HTML tag set and syntax
  • Basic understanding of the ColdFusion language and SQL
  • Knowledge of programming concepts

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the role of client-side scripting in the browser
  • Develop and integrate JavaScript into your Web applications
  • Use JavaScript operators, expressions and control and data structures
  • Implement cross browser JavaScript using the Document Object Model
  • Understand JavaScript's effective use in form field validation
  • Manipulate text strings through a variety of useful JavaScript methods
  • Extract data from JavaScript programs to interact with server-side code

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introducing Fast Track to JavaScript

  • Understanding the course prerequisites
  • Reviewing the course outline
  • Outlining the evolution of the Web
  • Discussing static HTML
  • Contrasting server-side scripting and client-side scripting
  • The history of JavaScript
  • Comparing things JavaScript can and cannot do

Unit 2: Integrating JavaScript into Web Pages

  • Understanding the lifetime of a JavaScript program
  • Using the SCRIPT tag
  • Inserting JavaScript into tags
  • Linking JavaScript from separate files
  • Working with Event Handlers
  • Debugging JavaScript
  • Building JavaScript with Cold Fusion

Unit 3: JavaScript Expressions and Operators

  • Naming rules for variables
  • Data types
  • Expressions
  • Operators
  • Arithmetic operators
  • String operators
  • Comparison operators
  • Logical operators
  • Assignment operators
  • The typeof operator
  • Understanding Objects
  • Object properties
  • Object methods
  • Working with nested objects

Unit 4: The Document Object Model

  • Introduction to the DOM
  • The Navigator object
  • The Window object
  • Opening and closing windows
  • Communicating between windows
  • Working with frames in the Document Object Model
  • The Location and History objects
  • The Document object
  • Redrawing window contents
  • The Link Object
  • The Image Object
  • Caching images
  • The DOM and Cascading Style Sheets

Unit 5: JavaScript Control Structures

  • Using JavaScript Functions
  • Advantages of functions
  • Function syntax
  • Scoping variables
  • Function arguments
  • Conditional statements
  • Shorthand conditionals
  • Loops
  • While loops
  • For loops
  • The switch statement
  • Integrating JavaScript and ColdFusion control structures

Unit 6: JavaScript Data Structures

  • Creating objects with the Object constructor
  • Adding, modifying and removing object properties
  • The built-in Array object
  • Creating arrays
  • Accessing array elements
  • Array properties and methods
  • Built-in arrays in the Document Object Model
  • Arrays and for loops
  • Sorting arrays
  • Integrating JavaScript data structures and ColdFusion recordsets

Unit 7: HTML Forms, the DOM and JavaScript

  • Introduction to HTML Forms
  • Server-side vs. client-side scripting with forms
  • The Form object
  • HTML Form Element Objects
  • Text, Textarea and Password Objects
  • Radio and Checkbox Objects
  • Select and Option Objects
  • Adding and removing options from a SELECT control
  • Hidden form fields
  • HTML Button Elements

Unit 8: Text Manipulation in JavaScript

  • The String object
  • String properties and methods
  • Locating substrings
  • Extracting substrings
  • Type conversion between strings and numbers
  • Converting between arrays and strings
  • Exporting data from JavaScript
  • HTML Forms
  • The URL query string
  • HTTP cookies

Appendix A: Custom Object Types in JavaScript

  • Constructors
  • Instantiating objects with the new operator
  • Adding methods to a constructor
  • Associative array notation vs. dot notation

Appendix B: Dates and Times in JavaScript

  • JavaScript internal date/time representation
  • Timeouts
  • The Date object
  • Formatting dates in JavaScript
  • Date arithmetic in JavaScript

Appendix C: JavaScript and HTTP Cookies

  • Introduction to HTTP Cookies
  • Formatting Cookies
  • Cookie Security
  • JavaScript and Cookies
  • Reading cookies
  • Writing cookies
  • Modifying and deleting cookies

Appendix D: JavaScript and WDDX

  • Introduction to WDDX
  • The wddx.js file
  • Deserializing WDDX packets to JavaScript objects
  • Serializing JavaScript Objects to WDDX packets

Appendix E: JavaScript Resources

  • Books
  • Web sites

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