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Using Acrobat Connect Meeting and Events 9

In this instructor-led training, students will learn how to create and host an Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro meeting, and will cover topics including scheduling meetings; displaying content in meetings; using audio and video during meetings; customizing the meeting room; interacting with participants; recording, editing, and downloading meetings, using breakout rooms, using the Outlook Add-In, administrating an Acrobat Connect Pro account; and creating and managing Adobe Connect Events. In addition to teaching methodology, the course focuses strongly on best practices for hosting meetings and managing associated content. This course is 2 days in length.

Duration: 2 days

Price: 695.00
GSA Price: 665.20
Online Price: Not Available

Course Prerequisites

  • Familiarity with basic computing concepts

Course Objectives

  • Create and manage Adobe Connect meeting rooms
  • Create and manage Adobe Connect Events
  • Use best-practices when organizing and hosting a n online meeting
  • Manage event recordings
  • Administer Adobe Connect accounts and features

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introducing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Applications
  • Introducing Adobe Connect Pro Applications
  • Introducing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting
  • Introducing Adobe Presenter
  • Navigating an Adobe Presentation
  • Introducing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Training
  • Introducing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Events
  • Introducing the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Central

Unit 2: Creating an Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting Room

  • Creating a Meeting Room
  • Selecting Participants
  • Sending Invitations
  • Navigating Within a Meeting Room

Unit 3: Managing an Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting Room

  • Controlling Access to a Meeting Room
  • Managing Attendees
  • Setting and Viewing Connection Properties

Unit 4: Sharing Presentations

  • Loading PowerPoint Slides
  • Using Presentation Controls
  • Changing a Participant View
  • Sharing an Adobe Presentation
  • Sharing a Quiz in an Adobe Presentation
  • Sharing an Image

Unit 5: Customizing the Viewing Experience

  • Maximizing Pods within the Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting Application Window
  • Maximizing the Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting Application Window on the Computer Screen
  • Maximizing the Share Pod on the Computer Screen
  • Reviewing Full Screen Best Practices
  • Reviewing Ways to Maximize Pods

Unit 6: Using a Whiteboard

  • Using a Whiteboard
  • Collaborating Using a Whiteboard
  • Using a Whiteboard Overlay
  • Saving Whiteboard Content

Unit 7: Using Screen Sharing

  • Introducing Screen Sharing
  • Sharing your Desktop
  • Controlling the Screen Share View as a Participant
  • Sharing an Application
  • Sharing Multiple Applications or Windows
  • Pausing and Annotating a Snapshot
  • Previewing your Screen Share
  • Granting Remote Control of Applications
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Optimizing the Experience

Unit 8: Sharing Flash Content

  • Using FlashPaper to Share a Document
  • Sharing Adobe Captivate Content
  • Showing Videos in an Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting
  • Sharing Other Types of Flash Content

Unit 9: Managing the Meetings Library

  • Understanding the Structure of the Meeting Library
  • Managing and Organizing Meetings
  • Viewing and Editing Meeting Information
  • Managing Associated Meeting Room Content
  • Viewing Meeting Reports
  • Introducing Seminars

Unit 10: Customizing Pod Display

  • Customizing Pods
  • Hiding and Showing Pods
  • Deleting and Adding Pods
  • Renaming Pods
  • Making Pods Visible Only to Presenters
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Customizing Meeting Rooms

Unit 11: Customizing and Saving Layouts

  • Customizing Layouts
  • Reordering Layouts
  • Creating, Renaming, and Deleting Layouts
  • Adding a Background Image
  • Preparing Other Layouts During a Meeting
  • Saving a Room as a Template

Unit 12: Using Audio and Video

  • Using Audio and Video
  • Broadcasting Presenter Audio
  • Using Voice Over IP for Conversations
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Broadcasting Audio
  • Broadcasting Presenter Video
  • Broadcasting Multiple Videos
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Broadcasting Video

Unit 13: Managing Text Messages and Questions

  • Sending Text Messages
  • Moderating Chat

Unit 14: Sharing Files, Polls, and Web Links

  • Sharing Files
  • Running a Poll
  • Opening Web Pages in Attendee Browsers
  • Sharing Text in a Note Pod

Unit 15: Recording Acrobat Connect Pro Meetings

  • Recording Acrobat Connect Professional Meetings
  • Locating Meeting Recordings
  • Playing Meeting Archives
  • Editing Meeting Recordings
  • Downloading Meeting Recordings as FLV
  • Searching Meeting Archives
  • Managing Meeting Archives
  • Understanding Archive Storage Requirements

Unit 16: Using Breakout Rooms

  • Setting Up Breakout Rooms
  • Managing Breakout Rooms
  • Starting and Ending Breakout Room Sessions

Unit 17: Administrating Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro

  • Managing Account Settings
  • Managing Users and Groups
  • Managing Cost Centers
  • Managing Compliance and Control Settings
  • Customizing All Meeting Rooms (Administrator Only)

Unit 18: Integrating with Microsoft Outlook

  • Integrating Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting with Microsoft Outlook
  • Installing the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Add-in for Microsoft Outlook
  • Creating Meetings Using the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Add-in
  • Managing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Add-in Preferences

Unit 19: Creating and Managing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Events

  • Introducing Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Events
  • Performing Pre-Event Tasks
  • Creating a New Connect Event
  • Performing In-Event Tasks
  • Performing Post-Event Tasks
  • Managing Events
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Creating Events

Unit 20: Introducing Adobe Captivate (Optional)

  • Introducing Adobe Captivate 3
  • Previewing a Sample Project
  • Exploring Adobe Captivate’s Working Environment

Unit 21: Recording a Project (Optional)

  • Understanding the Workflow Process
  • Recording an Application Demonstration
  • Previewing and Saving a Demonstration
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Recording Projects
  • Working with Text Captions
  • Recording Audio for an Existing Project
  • Importing Audio Files
  • Publishing Your Project
  • Inserting Buttons

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